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Teacher-Student engagement
In the Spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit an unprepared world, sending schools and teachers scrambling to find an instant solution for virtual learning.

Throughout the following summer, adjustments were made, but for many school systems, a real solution to engaging remote students as part of physical classes remains unrealized.
Hybrid classrooms are a new reality, and yet most schools are not able to provide a suitable environment that satisfies the needs of in-class and remote students without taxing the time, energy, and resources of teachers. Many have resorted to creating separate curriculums for students attending class virtually. This extra work, piled onto already over-taxed teachers, causes additional stress and adds to the amount of unpaid time they have to devote to their work.
This is NOT the way to teach in a hybrid classroom, but some teachers don’t have many other choices. The TCHNLGY team recognizes that while the hardware solution we have created is indeed a very good one, this is not a hardware problem.
It is instead an ENGAGEMENT PROBLEM. Student engagement is incredibly hard to maintain when the teacher is stuck interacting with them via a small laptop or tablet webcam, and their attention is constantly divided between the remote students and their in-class counterparts. The answer is to use a combination of available technologies to re-establish the natural classroom engagement.
By putting the right technology into the hands and control of the teachers, the remote students can feel that they are back in the classrooms, and engagement gets re-established. Then teachers can get back to teaching one cohesive class, one in which all students feel they are important.
The right camera. The right audio system. The right monitor. The right controller. The right software. Each in the right location within the classroom to maximize teacher-student engagement. And all at an affordable price based on the school’s needs and capacity.
Scott Hill
CEO and Founder - TCHNLGY, llc

Over 30 years of professional audio/visual and design experience.


Creating a system that works
the current classrooms

The first step is to assess the school’s situation. TCHNGLY will sit down with school administrators and key teachers to determine the school’s technology desires and needs. Getting a detailed view of how things are currently done, before prescribing new solutions.

and assist in purchansing

TCHNGLY will then create a custom recommended system from the resources we have determined work best in the hybrid-virtual classroom environment. The school’s budget and scope will help determine the system, the goal being the best possible solution for the available budget.

asseble and program

After helping the school purchase the recomended gear, TCHNLGY’s trained technicians will install all the assembled systems into the classrooms. We install all necessary software on the control computer, and will test every system prior to turning it over to the teacher.

your teaching staff

Once the systems are installed and operating, a series of training sessions, both in group and one-on-one, will bring the teaching staff up to speed on the technology. We will answer the teachers’ questions and even give them some tips and tricks to better utilize additional resources.

Our system has already made a difference to students and teachers in improving engagement and interaction in hybrid classrooms. One fourth grade teacher said the system "reduced my juggling of technology throughout the day to virtually zero . . . allowed for greater interaction between on campus and innovative students . . . better matched the uniformity of traditional classes, I'm able to see all my students at once, rather than bouncing back and forth between classroom and iPad screen."


The Federal government had set aside $30.75 Billion of CARES Act Funding to help support remote learning. TCHNLGY can help schools with technical specifications when they apply for funding through the National Education Technology Plan, Federal and State Grants, and other programs.

For more information, visit the Office of Educational Learning at tech.ed.gov/funding
We know that the events of 2020 have put a strain on schools. We recognize that the costs of these systems may seem out of reach to some schools. We also realize that there are many potential solutions being developed, and we are competing with many companies, large and small.
So this is our pitch. We help determine your budget based on your needs, and recommend the best possible solution to fit within it. We will help get the school set up with our nationally reputable sources for professional quality equipment. The sources we are dealing with provide special educational pricing. We work with them to get the best possible prices for the quantites in which we are dealing. The school buys direct from our source, warranties are applied directly to the school, not to us. We do not mark up the retail prices from our source.
For our services, we charge a reasonable consultation, installation and training fee based on the complexity and quantity of the systems. Our trained technicians will have your system up and running, and our training team will help your teaching staff get proficient with operation.

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